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Come on a journey of self discovery with your Breath

Described as The next frontier of wellness

Breathwork is a dynamic mind – body practice that uses simple breathing techniques to move beyond the busyness of the mind and into a place of clarity, peace and presences in our lives.

Among other things Breathwork aligns us with living more fully from our hearts, brings about deep healing, dissolves anxiety and helps us to manage and navigate life’s stresses and challenges.

When you connect with your soul support in this way, you tune into a flow that makes life infinitely easier.

Here are some of the most talked about benefits of Breathwork….

  • Deepens Awareness and Presence
  • Reduces Stress, Anxiousness & Anxiety
  • Balances & Harmonizes Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Opens us up to living from the heart
  • Enhances Clarity & Direction
  • Amplifies Intuition & Creativity
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Better sleep
  • Releases Stuck Emotional Wounding/Trauma
  • Awakens & aligns us to our Divine purpose
    And so much more

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While there is no magic pill in life, Breathwork is the next best thing

Welcome, I am Joanne Farrell, the Founder of Healing Through Breath.

I work with men and women who are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression or any other life challenge, to help them re-gain a sense of connection, wellbeing and peace, through teaching them to work with their breath.

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Awaken, Liberate, Expand

  • Heal your past
  • Be more fully present
  • Remove perceived blocks to achieving your dreams.

I found Breathwork with Joanne at a really difficult time in my life with me suffering from worsening depression. I was able to release deep-seated emotional pain and trauma I had unconsciously repressed to cope and survive. Joanne is an amazing facilitator and, always created a safe, caring and warm space. Healing through breath has changed my life experience completely. I am no longer susceptible to the fluctuating ups and downs of depression but, experience a stable, healthy emotional state of peace and contentment.  I highly recommend breathwork with Joanne and, healing through breath to anyone who wants to improve their life experience.

Kamaliksha SinghHealed from Depression

I attended Joanne’s Conscious Connected Breathwork session, and i was never prepared for what happened. I accessed a part of myself that i didn’t even know existed, and had never accessed in other practices i had done. who knew the power of the breath could carry so much magic – it truly managed to uncover layers!!!!! it gave me gifts i continue to use today. i also partook in her beginner’s breathwork course, which also equipped me with tools to create space for myself. i now make use of these tools everyday! if you are looking to create space and find a connection to yourself, i would highly recommend working with Joanne

Rabi KhobaneConnecting with Self

I found Joanne on a breathwork journey I did which was an extremely powerful experience. I did her beginners workshop afterwards because I thought it would help calm me when I was under stress and would help deepen my meditation practice. I highly recommend Joanne’s workshop, it was informative and gave great techniques to start a daily breathwork practice.

MelindaCalm instead of stress

Upcoming events

Womens Full Moon Breathwork

Come gather with a tribe of like hearted women for a candlelight evening of sacred rituals to honour your body, mind and spirit.

Conscious Breathwork Journey

Dissolve stress, surrender, release, awaken & enliven the inner most heart through the healing power of breath and sound, in a safely held and loving environment.

Breathwork & Live Shamanic Sound

For centuries the breath and sound have been used as medicine to connect, heal and awaken. Ancient tribes still use this medicine today.  Activate your DNA on a divine healing journey like no other.

Take the leap, come and join the tribe of breathers all over the world who have discovered the incredible benefits of Breathwork.

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