Cacao & Breathwork Shamanic Medicine Journey

    Join us for an afternoon of warm heart medicine!

    Delve into the cosmic realms through a cacao and breath experience like no other. An experience that will lift your spirits, melt away stress, release, surrender, awaken & enliven the inner most heart.

    Breathwork and chocolate!!! What a combination!! Sign us up!

    For millennia sacred cacao has been used by shamans, spirit seekers and traditional practitioners around the globe to help us to connect deeply with the heart and all that we are.

    Known in the Mayan tradition as “the food of the gods”  Cacao sacred plant medicine  is used to gently touch our heart and to guide you into an inner journey deep into the emotional center of our body – our hearts

    The depth of breathwork coupled with sacred cacao medicine and the alchemy of sound, allow participants to enter into a deep expanded state where profound connection, healing, clarity, insight and blissful union can occur.

    In a safely held and loving environment we draw on the wisdom of these ancient healing practices and bring it all together in this incredible journey into the self. NOT TO BE MISSED!

    We will be co-creating a unique experience based on the collective energy with the use of the breath, movement, sacred sound healing and of course maestro Cacao.

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