Nurture and Restore Womens Retreat

  • Take time to reconnect deeply with yourself
  • Let go of stress and re-align with living from your heart
  • Clear away what no longer serves you and invite in new intentions

Join a group of like-hearted woman for a weekend of connecting, reflecting and Self discovery.  Let go of your roles as mothers, wives, colleagues, employees and partners and in the company of other women, come back to yourself.

In a caring and safe environment you will be guided through soul nourishing rituals to honour your body, mind and spirit.  Immerse in a weekend of connecting, self love, healing, relaxing, feeling, sharing, nurturing and so much more. Clear away what no longer serves you and make space for the experiences you really want in your life.

This retreat offers a great opening to come back to your essence, let go of the mind and listen more closely to the whispers of your heart.  Take time out to refill your cup, recharge and refocus your priorities.

In sacred space you will be sensitively guided and lovingly supported to open more fully to loving ourselves and embracing all parts of who we are.

We draw on the wisdom from ancient healing practices and bring it all together in one juicy love filled experience.  Through the practices of yoga, breathwork, meditation, movement and connection we explore and discover together.

If you are experiencing stress, fear sadness, anxiety or even depression you may find the start of a fantastic healing journey which can help you to take control of your life.

If you are at a crossroad in life, this retreat can help you gain deep clarity and clearer direction OR…

… if you simply want to get away for the weekend this is a great opportunity to let go a recharge and come back to yourself.

This womens retreat is held in the pristine location of Magaliesburg an easy 60 minute minute drive from Johannesburg.

Join us as we gather together as women in sisterhood to remember who we truly are,  access the wisdom that is inherently within and live life shining from our hearts.

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