Joanne Farrell


I am Joanne Farrell, a passionate mother, adventurer, creative, breathworker, lover of life, yogi and intuitive!

I am so passionate about Breathwork and I am always in awe to witness the profound positive impact this work has on peoples lives.

I believe that Breathwork is one of the most powerful healing tools on the planet. It offers us a pathway back to the Self, a portal to our own Divinity, a connection to all that we truly are, beyond the stories of the mind.

I discovered Breathwork by “accident” in 2006. I was seeing the same old patterns playing out in my life and relationships over and over, year after year. I felt stuck. I had tried so many alternative therapies and modalities and yet my life still wasn’t working the way I wanted it to….. And then I found Breathwork.  It was like discovering gold!

I remember my first breathwork session, it was a totally mind-blowing experience, not at all what I expected. As I entered into the Breathwork state, time ceased to exist, my body did new things, I experienced energy moving in me and I let go of all kinds of stuff that I didn’t even know was there.  Even though we had been breathing for 1 hour it was over in what seemed like just a few moments.

After a few powerful Breathwork sessions, I started to see big shifts in myself and my life as I peeled away the layers, and began to know myself better. I knew there was something deeply profound about this practice and I felt a strong calling to dive deep with it.

 I was able to uproot old beliefs of unworthiness and programming that said “I’m not good enough”.  I felt a deep sense of connection emerging, a feeling of waking up to myself.

Breathwork is one of simplest ways to expand your capacity to experience the richness that life can offer.

For 18 years I studied and assisted in trainings in a variety of healing therapies and modalities across the globe. I have delved into indigenous wisdom practices with mystics and shamans in Peru and Australia.

As a certified professional Breathworker and I have been leading Breathwork experiences since 2012. I’ve been privileged enough to lead workshops and retreats all over the world including, The States, South Africa, Peru, Bali, and Australia and to participants online from many countries.

Take the Leap, come and breathe with me, shift emotions, upgrade your beliefs, unleash your creativity and come home to yourself.

Breathe, Connect, Feel

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