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What is  Breathwork

Described as “The Next Frontier of Wellness”  Breathwork is a dynamic mind – body practice that uses simple breathing techniques to move beyond the busyness of the mind and into a place of clarity, peace and presences in our lives.

Utilizing the pace and length of the inhales and exhales one can create a bridge between the body, mind and spirit, the conscious and the unconscious mind, allowing you to enter into a state where expanded  awareness and healing can occur.

Among other things Breathwork aligns us with living more fully from our hearts, brings about healing, dissolves anxiety and helps us to manage and navigate life’s stresses and challenges.

Breathwork has also been named the depression and anxiety solution and is often used in the treatment of insomnia.

There are many Breathwork techniques which are safe and simple to practice right in your own home on a day to day basis.

I work with men and women who are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression or  life challenges, to help them re-gain a sense of peace, wellbeing and direction, through teaching them to work with their breath.

Breathwork helps you to tap into your inner resources and there is tons of science behind the benefits of Breathwork and its ability to improve brain function and heal the body.

Breathwork is also a totally drug-free way of uncovering and releasing repressed trauma from the unconscious mind and the body.

Recent Brain Mapping studies have shown a vast improvement in brain signatures and patterns associated with symptoms like low self esteem or confidence, anxiousness, depression, low mood, chronic fatigue, low libido, feelings of disconnection, grief, emotional and physical withdraw, and chronic health conditions.

These studies found evidence that Breathwork has a abundance of benefits for us on all levels.

♦ Increased feeling of peace and wellbeing,
♦ Self acceptance, joy, happiness,
♦ Ease, relaxation, emotional openness
♦ Better connection to themselves & source,
♦ Mental clarity,  profound revelations,
♦ Spiritual awakenings, enhanced creativity
♦ More energy, more freedom,
♦ Inner child healing, clarity, heart opening,
♦ Deeper sleep and a feeling of more enjoyment of their lives.


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